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Designers Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf

Don Chadwick was born in 1936 in Los Angeles. His grandfather was a furniture maker and in this way Don Chadwick became interested in the profession of designer. Don studied at the University of California. For manufacturer Herman Miller, Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf designed 2 design chairs. These were the "Equa 1" and the "Aeron Chair. Bill Stumpf was born in 1936 in the American city of Saint Louis in the state of Missouri and died in 2006 Bill designed alongside the Aeron Chair, along with Don Chadwick the "Egon Chairs".

Stumpf and Chadwick thought carefully before they started designing. They investigated what people were looking for in chairs, what comfort was important and what attitude. They applied the acquired knowledge to the office chairs to be designed. Here was also the start of the ergonomic chairs. The human body does not consist of straight lines. The Aeron Chair adapts to the body and not the other way around.

Aeron Chair, design series?

There are three chairs in the Aeron series. All three designed by the designers Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf. There is the Aeron Chair, the Aeron Stool and the Aeron Side Chair.

Aeron Chair

The Aeron Chair is a fully adjustable chair on which the body weight is well distributed. The Aeron Chair is ergonomic and molds to your body and moves with it.

Aeron Stool

The Aeron Stool, like the Aeron Chair, is a well thought-out design for optimum comfort. The stool is easy to set up. And the height can be told from a sitting position.

Aeron Side Chair

The Aeron Side Chair, or the side chair. The chair forms itself to the body through the resilient material. The Aeron Side Chair is suitable as a visitor's chair, because the chair springs back to the starting position, it can form itself again and again.

Awards design "Aeron chair"

Special features of the Aeron Chair is that this design chair has been given a permanent place in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art. The Aeron Chair was crowned in the year 2000 as the design of the Decade by the Industrial Designers Society of America and the Business Week Magazine.

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